Power Vans

Mormak 600kW Cummins Power Van

600kW Cummins genset, 1200amp main breaker, enough switch gear to run a 400HP spread with a jaw, 6×10 control tower w/ HVAC, positive air pressure unit, 6,000L Enviro Tank, folding stairs w/ landing, triaxel van

Model Number:600kW - PV
Serial Number:E4270
Condition:Brand New
Available for Rent:Yes
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The knowledge that’s there and the experience they have in the field is top-notch all the way around.

- Al McLean, Valley Gravel

Any problems are dealt with ASAP. Overall, I’m left with the impression of high quality service and a sense of assurance that our company is in good hands.

- Greg Miller, Fraser Pacific Enterprises Inc.

Mormak is able to work with and understand our varying needs. Gravel crushing is not black and white. There are always ways to optimize production. They’re open to new ideas and often have some of their own to help us get the most out of our crushing plant.

- Tyler Kosick, Trans Carrier Ltd.

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