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At Mormak Equipment, you will find the most practical, durable, and reliable crusher fuel storage tanks in our in-stock selection. Our aggregate equipment specialists will work closely with you to select the perfect tank for your needs and space, getting the right equipment to your yard in half the time.

Whether new or used, we guarantee that all of our OEM and custom Mormak crusher fuel tanks exceed industry standards in their performance, reliability, and safety. Simply put, they set the industry standards. Our confidence in our fuel storage tanks stems from our internationally renowned aggregate equipment expertise and thoroughly trained service technicians.


Our range of crusher fuel tanks are perfect for underground systems and petroleum storage, as they are robust and designed with a focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness. As more alternative fuels enter the market, we have specifically selected fuel tanks that effectively withstand corrosive elements.

Our Envirotank double-wall fuel tanks are an excellent example of our commitment to sustainable, safe petroleum storage solutions. They offer unrivalled protection for underground systems, preventing pollution on-site and costly lawsuits. Their non-corrosive nature makes them a safe solution for storing standard petroleum, biofuels, biodiesels, ethanol, ethanol blends, ultra-low sulphur diesel, and diesel exhaust fluid. This is particularly beneficial for industrial site, mine, or quarry owners, as a myriad of contemporary industry and biofuels are now alcohol-based.

Although the internal increase of water from alcohol blends may still be a worry for you, Envirotank’s designs and materials are so extraordinary that their storage tanks boast an industry-leading 30-year internal corrosion warranty. With our crusher storage tanks, you will enjoy increased productivity and peace of mind knowing that your fuels can be stored sustainably and safely – without ever succumbing to corrosion or rust.

Browse our crusher storage tanks for sale and rental below or visit our locations in Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton) and British Columbia (Chilliwack and Vernon).