Different Types of Rock Crushing Needs & Services

When considering the needs for rock crushing services and machinery, these are durable, heavy-duty items that need to be reliable on the job. Whether dealing in construction, demolition or mining, there are a number of uses for these tools and they are required to perform at their best to keep the work flowing. Read on to see just what type of machinery is available in these ranges.

Jaw Machines 

Jaw options are mainly used as primary crusher machines as their main purpose is to break down the raw materials to a size small enough to be transported via the conveyors to the next stages of processing. As the name gives away, the mechanism of this design revolves around the two jaw-like elements that squeeze rock and other materials between a fixed and a moving jaw. With a range of options available as to the fixed and moving elements, these are the ideal way to break down large chunks of material at a time into more manageable pieces.

Gyratory Machines 

Gyratory selections are also most often used in the primary stage of processing, and sometimes within the second stage as well. These equipment options have an oscillating shaft that is used to break down the material into small chunks. The material is impacted within a crushing cavity, between an outer fixed element, or liner, and an internal moving element mounted on the oscillating shaft assembly. This movement allows materials to be funnelled through the cavity and broken down accordingly into the needed size range.

Cone Machines 

Cone crushers have an oscillating shaft which creates a cavity that is used to grind materials into a fine grain. Broken down between an external fixed element and an internal moving element, the eccentric shaft rotated by a gear and pinion produces the rotating and gyrating movement of the main element. The varying degree of this movement causes the cone head to oscillate between the elements and break down the material as far as possible.

Impact Machines 

Impact equipment is a versatile range of machine options that can be used in any stage of the refining process. Impact selections though are traditionally classified into two main types: horizontal shaft and vertical shaft. These different types share the same principle to reduce the size of the materials, but features, capacities and optimal applications are vastly different.

When looking at the rock crushing services you need it is best to understand what stage you are at and what equipment will be best suited for the materials in question. When you need professional insight and reliable equipment, be sure to contact Mormak right away. The trusted supplier of the industry.