Do You Know What Makes Horizontal Shaft Impactors Different?

Horizontal and vertical shaft impactors make up an integral part of industry, allowing for aggregates to be broken down into more usable parts. These two styles of machines ensure that durable, heavy materials can be cracked and corroded until the desired size or particles is reached. The distinguishing feature between these two styles is the physical orientation of the rotor within.

Side To Side

The rotor of a horizontal design is oriented on a straight plane and makes use of a blow bar system of hammers to strike flowing material with repeated force in order to break it. These systems draw from the natural influences of abrasion and attrition and are useful as both primary or secondary machines in the process. These tools are able to crush a wide range of materials, from soft rock to much harder materials. When this piece of equipment operates, the rotor spins at a high velocity to ensure the correct momentum and force is used. As material flows into the chamber, the rotor’s blow bars repeatedly strike the materials, breaking the content down slowly and sending them into the collection or recycling space for another round through the system.

Up & Down

A vertical version of this machine , however, uses a rotor that is oriented upwards. Instead of relying on the striking of material with increased force, it makes use of propulsion to launch materials at speeds, which then impact against the anvils or even other rocks placed around the perimeter of the rotor. Vertical options are usually far more limited in the feed size they can process, most often being used as secondary systems in a processing line.

Machine Popularity

The resultant size and quality of the material being processed is partially determined by the speed of its operating rotor. As this element operates at higher velocities, material is reduced to a finer and finer specification. These allow for a refined result of material as well as an accurately predetermined size of particle to expect. These machines are popular solutions because they can be used for a variety of material processing applications in a variety of configurations.

Horizontal shaft impactors are usually the primary and more intensive process, with the vertical beinglet to get the finer grades. Be sure to contact us right away to find out all you need to know about these professional machines at work every day.