Gravel Crushing Equipment For Sale

With over 40 years of experience, Mormak Equipment has helped our clients meet their objectives with the most sturdy, practical and dense aggregate equipment in Western Canada. The aggregate production plant can provide high performance, environmental and reasonable compatible equipment of aggregate processing plants for customers. Expect more fractions for less with Gravel crushers for sale in British Columbia, crushing and screening equipment. Our stationary solutions deliver the highest productivity in mines, quarries and civil engineering projects. We offer advanced, proven screening and rock crushing equipment for any size-reduction challenge. Whether you’re producing several sized aggregates or crushing tons of hard rock ore, our solutions deliver the robustness and versatility you need.

Mormak Gravel Crushers

Mormak has a broad range of crusher equipment including units that turn larger rocks into gravel or up to salt or powder sizing. We offer options for every need.

Our experienced engineering team uses advanced, developed gravel crushing machine lines designated for medium and large-sized applications. Most of our machines are fit for heavy-duty work, however, we always think about our customers who need our equipment for commercial use.

Gravel Crushing Equipment

Our gravel crushing machine offers two crushing methods:

  • compression method – rocks are ground being squeezed under pressure;
  • impact method – the gravel is being thrown at stationary curtains at the highest speed.

When choosing crusher equipment, you need to remember that your decision depends on many factors:

  • type of raw stuff you would like to process;
  • size of material;
  • required operating capacity;
  • the abrasive level of materials;
  • end product desirable sizing.

Gravel technology is capable of solving the problem, reflecting the most effective way to fight. What is the advantage of rebuilding the old cement concrete pavement? The compaction of the concrete coating system can be broken, driven in shape, tightly integrated, the high-density layer of material embedded with greater strength of the sport. Little impact on traffic, the construction does not require complete closure of the movement, there are significant economic benefits and other benefits. Necessary materials must be extracted and processed cost-effectively and sustainably, with lower impact and a smaller carbon footprint.

Are you looking for gravel crushers for sale in British Columbia and surrounding regions? It is ideal to understand which type of aggregate plant will be best for the job. When you need professional advice and durable equipment, contact Mormak immediately. We are one of the most trusted suppliers in the industry.