How Do Trommel Screeners Work?

Trommel screeners rely on the quality of both the raw materials being fed in, as well as the quality of parts and pieces that allow the process to happen. In most instances this equipment is used to separate different grades of material such as soil, gravel, mulch, and sand, allowing you to get the resultant product you desire.

Traditional Options 

These options available to you tend to work great when they are processing dry material, even if bits and pieces are large in size. A notable weakness of the traditional and commonly seen approaches seem to be when dealing with more moist or wet loads. These substances tend to clump together when they are wet, which reduces the efficiency of the system and means a slower production time. Clogs caused by moisture can be difficult to dislodge and will often cost a lot of time. Fortunately, this is where the trommel screen sifters come in, to make these tasks much simpler to manage

Types Of Elements Available

This type of method and machine motion is a screen that is curved into a cylinder. The machine spins the tubed design in order to sort through the material around the outer wall as it is fed through the unit. During this process, the wet material tumbles around and becomes dry and air and dust are fed into the same space. The soil, mulch, or sand becomes lighter and drier as the process continues. The tumbling action also allows maximum contact time with the surfaces so that the fine material gets processed sooner. These systems are designed to manage all manner of loads and feeds.

Sifter Setups

When regarding sifters, they are available in different sizes, but in general they are portable enough to be moved by a truck. This is very handy if you need to process a heap of soil or mulch in more than one area, or if you need to move the machine to a different location entirely. Due to the materials that these machines specialize in, they are particularly popular with landscapers and excavating contractors who may need to remove resources from the dug up dirt. When things need to get done quickly, you cannot depend on your material being dry enough for a standard machine, which is why these have become such sought after options on site.

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