How Does A Jaw Crusher Work?

When working with a jaw crusher and other heavy equipment it is important to fully understand how they work and to what extent they can be used. With different models to fulfill different needs it is integral that you get the right items for your job. In order to make use of the rocks or ores recovered through mining and construction sectors, the materials need to be broken down to reduce them to more refined elements. This process is the main function of these machines. Read on to see exactly how it works.

How Do They Work?

All of these machine options consist of two distinctive toothed areas, one of which is fixed while the other moves. With these two elements working together they can slowly and methodically breakdown whatever is thrown between them, separating the materials and making it easier to access certain minerals you may be interested in. The degree to which you want to crush is determined by either your own adjustments or the specific machine you are using in some cases.

What Is The Process?

The moving part repeats the back and forward motion against the fixed element as material fed from the top of the machine is compressed between the two, breaking it into smaller pieces. As the motion moves away from the fixed jaw, the crushed material is discharged from the space at the bottom. The resulting size of the final material is determined by the gap between the two elements.

What Are The Main Components?

One of the most important things to consider before moving on to operation is the angle between the two parts, which is referred to as the nip angle. The nip angle is the angle at which the material that passes through the inlet is broken down between the two parts, where it cannot slip further down. This angle tends to be dependent on the size, hardness and frangibility of the material. With a single toothed machine there is a similar motion with a plate design that moves the material against the teeth to grind it down.

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