The Aggregate Industry And The Materials They Process

The aggregate industry in Alberta is a thriving economy of businesses working together to facilitate different parts of the process of material handling. Whether producing gravel, sand, recycled concrete, slag, topsoil, ballast, Type 1 MOT, or geosynthetics, these machines and tools refine materials into more usable versions. Keep reading to see what is created and what it is used for across this industry, often taking materials and giving them new life.

Crushed Concrete

Especially when dealing with demolition and construction sites, there can be large amounts of wasted building materials. Breaking it down and refining it gives property owners the perfect material for a sub-base to create a stable, reliable layer beneath the surface layering. These concrete pieces can also be used for a variety of aesthetic purposes around the house like building walkways and new paths around the garden.


Sand is an abundant material that can be created through a number of means. This endlessly useful material is used to cushion play areas at schools and parks, it can clean up an oil leak, and can even give your paint some grip on certain surfaces. A common sight in the construction industry especially is used for layering, surfacing and to provide added strength to areas of asphalt and concrete.


Gravel is often used in road resurfacing and paving to add a stable sub-base. In many places, it can also be the main road surface covering. Used in most road and paving construction jobs, it can be found anywhere and is usually sourced from a nearby industry as its components are commonly found as waste material or byproduct.


A common byproduct that will be available if any top layer excavation is occurring, topsoil is a nutrient-rich material that is ideal for plants aof all types. With these needed minerals stacking up this can be a very lucrative creation of construction and industry. Needed anywhere people are growing it is ideal for returning the nutrients to the earth and keeping the richness in your garden.

The aggregate industry in Alberta is an interesting cycle that ensures all materials can be used and reused between sectors and requirements. Whether producing a specific material or creating a byproduct to sell, these can be much-needed materials and a lucrative way to reduce the amount of waste on-site. Be sure to contact the professionals at Mormak when you need to know more.