What Are Some Of the Applications For Cone Crushers?

Cone crushers have become extremely popular due to their ability to crush large quantities of material and produce fairly homogenous and cubic particle sizes. At Mormak, we have a range of cone crushers for rent depending on your specific needs.

These machines crush material by squeezing it in between convex, and concave, shaped cone-shaped surfaces.

Cone crushers are typically used in secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushing applications, although they can be used in primary crushing if the original material is of a small enough particle size to start with.

These machines are popular because they can be used for multiple crushing stages by simply changing a few settings to adjust for different particle sizes. They are capable of forming finished products of less than 12mm.

Where would one typically use a cone crusher?


By far, the most common application for cone crushers is in the mining industry. The mining industry is highly competitive, forever seeking ways to eke out extra efficiency where possible to save on production costs and maximize profit margins.

As a result, cone crusher technologies have advanced significantly, allowing mining and quarrying companies to crush huge amounts of material at once thanks to increased cone crusher capacities and crushing power.

Automation has also allowed for reduced power consumption and automatic fault detection, which ensures machine longevity. Moreover, hydraulic release capabilities ensure that uncrushable materials won’t get stuck in the machine and damage it or affect performance.


The application of cone crushers in quarrying is similar to mining, although the stakes are not quite so high. Quarrying is a much lower-cost industry than mining, but the volumes produced can still be extremely high. Cone crushers are well suited to high volumes. Typically, cone crushers in quarrying would be used to produce aggregates for construction. They are very good at crushing hard, abrasive rock but are not good at handling clays or metals.


Cone crushers are commonly used in recycling asphalt. Thanks to modern technologies, bitumen and aggregates can be crushed down and separated, allowing modern asphalt production facilities to produce new asphalt from 70% recycled materials.

Other construction and demolition materials can also be recycled by being crushed in a cone crusher.

If you’re looking for good-quality cone crushers for rent, Mormak has a range of options to suit your needs. Contact us now to get advice on the right crusher for you.