What Can a Mobile Jaw Crusher Offer?

A mini jaw crusher is a useful piece of equipment  used across the mining industry. One of several types of tools used to crush rock along with impactors, hammermills, and cone crushers. All these pieces of equipment are manufactured for the purpose of processing aggregate minerals, as well as a number of raw and second hand materials. There are two types of crushing, namely compression and impact. Read on to find out more about these pieces of equipment.

Where Is It Used?

A jaw crusher is used in a wide variety of applications, including construction and recycling demolition, quarrying and mining, asphalt production, and a whole lot more. What these dynamic tools are designed to do is process large sizes and ranges of materials, while still being able to endure less wear from abrasive elements in the system. The composition of a machine like this is where it gets its name from, characterized by its two plates, one fixed and the other moving, both oriented to create a V-shaped chamber through which materials fall. Shaped and operating in the same way as the mouth structure, these allow the elements to move against one another and repeatedly crush whatever lies between them. The  plates are most often corrugated in appearance but can also be smooth, depending on the size, shape and texture of the desired final product.

What Does Jaw Crusher Do?

As material makes its way down into the chamber, the moving elements use the force of compression to break down the rock or materials between these two heavy plates. As the materials are repeatedly put under pressure, the composition of the pieces fractures and falls apart, falling lower in the chamber as it becomes smaller and smaller. The final result and size is determined by a preset designation size in the chamber’s bottom. In a portable machine option, wear from abrasive material can be reduced by pairing the one of these with a vibrating feeder or set of grizzly bars for pre screening material. By filtering out the smaller elements in the mix before it enters the system, not only does it reduce wear but it improves the quality of the final product.

A durable, versatile machine that is seen across industry, the mini jaw crusher is a for sale item worth investing in. This durable little machine can power through hardy materials and ensure a high grade finished product. Contact us to find out more about them.