What Does A Trommel Screener Do?

Trommel screeners are effective ways for you to separate materials of various sizes quickly and consistently. Having been used in various applications across the mining and heavy industry worlds, these are often seen machines with a defined place on any site. Whether dealing with classification of solid waste or the recovery of valuable minerals from raw materials, these machines are  a much needed tool to ensure everything is processed as it needs to be for you to get the job done right. However depending on the application required, these machines have several advantages and a few limitations when compared to other similar processes. Find out more below!

Municipal And Industrial Waste

These professional tools are often used by municipal waste sectors to classify sizes of solid waste and the requirements for management. Aside from that, it can also be used to improve the recovery of fuel-derived solid waste that may be recyclable. There are a number of specialised ways to do this to ensure every bit that can be reused, will be. The more effective ther process, the more efficient the fuel produced. In addition, these machines  are used for the treatment of wastewater to ensure little or few imperfections make it through the system. For this particular application, solids from the influx will settle onto the screen mesh and the drum will rotate once the liquid reaches a certain level. The clean area of the screen is submerged into the liquid while the trapped solids fall onto a conveyor which will be further processed before removal.

Mineral Processing

Within mineral processing these tools are also used for the grading of raw materials to recover valuable minerals and process said material into the needed form. The screen will separate smaller elements of material which are not in the suitable range of size to be used in the crushing stage. It also helps to get rid of dust particles which will otherwise impair the performance of the machines that may be clogged by grit build up downstream.

When you need to ensure top performance at all times on your site, be sure to invest in hardy and durable trommel screeners for sale in Alberta. Remember when you are working on location with these items you need dependable, long lasting machines that will stand up to the task and process as needed. Be sure to contact the professional team at Mormak when you need assistance with your next project.