What is a Vertical Shaft Impactor and What it Can Do For Your Plant

An impact crusher, or impactor, is one of several types of crushing machines. These plants include cone crushers, jawbreaker crushers, control towers and so forth, manufactured for processing raw materials. Concrete or asphalt, among many others, to reduce them in size.

There are a wide variety of applications, including aggregate crushing, asphalt crushing, and concrete crushing. The impactor is unique to its crusher counterparts in that it breaks apart rocks and stones swiftly, striking the material as opposed to using a pressure force.

The mechanical structure of an impact crusher should be outlined by the rotor, the primary instrument for breaking apart the material. The rotor can set, among mounted plates, anvils, or aprons, inside a heavy housing; these aprons or anvils serve to bear the materials essentially processed and break them apart.

What Is a Vertical Shaft Impactor Used For

A vertical shaft impactor’s rotor is oriented vertically instead of relying on striking material with great force, thus launching materials at high speeds to impact anvils or even other rocks configured around the perimeter of the rotor. Vertical shaft impactors are limited in the feed size in which they can process and as secondary or tertiary crushers only. When a vertical shaft impactor operates, the materials are fed into a chamber from above the spinning rotor. The material enters the rotors rapidly moving wings and hurls outward to be pulverized, upon the peripheral anvils or rocks.

The final size of the material being processed by an impact crusher is partially determined by the rotational speed of the rotor. As the rotor operates at higher velocities, the materials diminish to a lighter and finer specification. Additionally, how closely the aprons are with the rotor can further determine material size; the closer the aprons, the finer the output.

The impact crusher is popular because it can be used for numerous material processing applications in different sets of configurations, making it a versatile crusher to own. From soft rock to hard rock—as a primary crusher or secondary crusher—the impact crusher can be custom calibrated to ensure your success.

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