What to Consider When Choosing a Cone Crusher

It helps to ensure that your machine doesn’t let you down when the crushing gets tough. Regular inspections can help to extend the service life of your plant significantly. Are you looking for a robust cone crusher? Find affordable cone crushers in British Columbia for sale at Mormak.

Use The Right Oil

  • Oil is essential to the operation of your cone crusher. Using old oil or the incorrect type of oil can damage your machine. A crusher should operate at temperatures between 10 degrees – 51 degrees. The sensor switch helps to regulate the peak temperatures.

Check the frame

  • Checking the mainframe is a vital component of cone crusher maintenance. You’ll need to inspect it for scrapes, nicks and other damage. Try to remove any marks using a file and an emery cloth. Get a micrometre to measure the machine’s bores.
  • Bores that are not in an acceptable range need to be filed down or re-machined. You may also need to weld worn spots. Not only should the mainframe be kept in good condition, but it’s also imperative to clean the exterior of your machine regularly.

Keep records

  • Keep records of the cone crusher and surrounding areas routine maintenance that you carry out. Take note of essential information, such as the oil temperature and pressure across a range of environments. This data is valuable as it will help you to recognize trends. You’ll also be able to use this information to repair any problems before they escalate. Reading the manufacturer’s manual can help you gain a better understanding of the specific cone crusher.

Perform daily checks

  • Train the operator to check the machine for any potential problems at the start of the day. Set up a checklist to make the daily inspection easier to carry out and ensure consistency. That also makes it convenient to keep a record of the checks and repairs conducted. If there are signs of an oil leak, further investigation is required. Likewise, too much puddling of lubricant is a warning sign of a big issue.
  • Cone crushers should be inspected once a week, for optimal use. The crusher may pass daily inspections, however, there could be more complex problems that go unnoticed. An in-depth test of the liners as well as the mantles should be part of your weekly routine.

By following these cone crusher maintenance tips, you can maximize the uptime of your machine. That will save your business a lot of money in the long run. You can find robust cone crushers for sale in British Columbia at Mormak.