When Cone Crushers Are The Right Choice

Stone crushing seems like a simple act that requires a bit of bashing and shaking. This seemingly simple job of splitting massive boulders and rocks into usable aggregate is quite complex in reality.

The process involves massive machines weighing thousands of pounds.  They crush some of the hardest materials and produce tonne after tonne of stone assets.

The most popular crushing machines are cone crushers and jaw crushers.  There are instances wherein cone crushers may perform a very similar job as would be expected from a jaw crusher.  The big difference between them comes in their approach to the process and the applications wherein this work is done.

The Jaw Crusher

These monster machines are planned for use on a project as a primary crusher.  You mostly find them at mines and is used for processing ore.

There are 2 powerful jaws, of which one is fixed and one is moveable.  They are mounted on the machine in a “V” relationship. The moveable jaw actions the crushing of the large boulders.  When the aggregate is reduced to a small enough size the pass through the opening at the bottom of the “V” arrangement.

Jaw Crusher Benefits

The machines can be found in a variety of configurations, with tracks and without tracks, in different sizes and with different capacities. This makes it easier to make the best choice for your project.

There is a large stock of spare parts available. Maintenance is straightforward. Mormak carries jaw crusher spare parts to keep your machines pumping stone and meeting production goals. See our article on maintenance.

Introducing the Cone Crusher

These more specialized machines are planned for use on a project as a secondary and tertiary crusher. You will find them producing fine and medium-sized aggregates which, for example, are used in the laying of asphalt or for the creation of concrete.

The approach used by a cone crusher is created by irregularly rotating its shaft which then grinds the rocks between a metal cone and a fixed wall.  The Mormak Custom Cone Plant W/ C300 Bushing Cone is an example of a powerful cone crushing machine.

Cone Crusher Benefits

This great machine setup has a large feed opening and is paired with small release sizes.  This means that your site will have a high crushing ratio from this machine.

Your project will benefit from the machine’s incredible efficiency as it reduces the need for further crushing applications. It also brings in low operational costs to the project.  Big power, small footprint!

There is a large stock of spare parts available and more maintenance will be needed versus the jaw crusher, with shorter times between maintenance.  Mormak carries core crusher spare parts to keep your machines meeting fine and medium aggregate goals. See our article on maintenance.

Contact our Mormak aggregate experts today for advice or training on cone crushers or other crushers that will give your production the best results at the best price.